Sway Mobile is a top publishing partner for mobile game studios.

  • We have developed the industry unique Personalization Platform and increased LTV.

    • Real-Time Segmentation - Segment users into relevant group (i.e. non payers, first-time payers and repeating payers etc.) in real time basis  
    • Personalized Offers - Provide products and offers relevant to each segmented groups (i.e. entry-level offers for non payers, value proposition for payers etc.)
  • Sway's own DMP (Data Management Platform) enables consistent and profitable user acquisition.

    • Captures both quality and volume through constant optimization on bidding strategy, ROAS control and retention enhancement
    • Applies systematic approch on in-app events to maximize revenue and user engagements
    • Extensive media buying and coverage in various gaming genres including RPG, Strategy, Social Casino and Puzzle Card
  • We are a team of industry Top-Tier Veterans.

    • Collaboration between gaming industry professionals and data engineers
    • Operating two great offices in the US and in South Korea

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US Office: Palo Alto, CA, USA
Korea Office: Pangyo, Kyounggido, Korea